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April 12, 2015, süddeutsche zeitung

“...the show was, there is no other way to
describe it, a blast! When one sees the sheer joy of
making music together in a completely natural way,
it is tempting to imagine that you could settle all the
conflicts in the world simply by handing both sides
an accordion, a clarinet and a violin so people will
play and sing with each other…”

Tradition ganz frisch

March 9, 2015, Nürnberger Zeitung

“...KbETCH! performance was pure joy of living!
The five musicians surprised the audience of the
“Kulturforum” with an irresistible mix of cool
street-musician flair combined with the highest
level of professionality.Together they manage to
make tradition sound as fresh as a daisy. This
alone is a reason to keep this name well in mind!...”

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