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Way back there in 2010 after some search and experimenting with different types of music KbETCH! was founded.

At first, the rehearsals took place in a very small flat in Jaffa, right between a mosque, soccer stadium and a bulgarian restaurant. we let influence to get in that room, and that inspired us.

We perform original folk music influenced by a variety of styles -Klezmer, Balkan, Gypsy, Turkish and others, among covers of Ukrainian, Russian, Romanian, and Slovenian hits from the last centuries. The result is a Levant /East Europe Shatnez (mixture) that is not necessarily coherent. That mixture also helped in choosing the group's name.

In our musical possession you will find:
Clarinet, Accordion, Violin, Acoustic Bass, Percussion and Vocal cords.

Playing abroad: In 2011 We traveled to Berlin, Amsterdam and Rotterdam. In 2013 - We traveled again to Berlin. In September 2014 We participated in the International Jewish Music Festival and Competition in Amsterdam and we took the Fürth Klezmer Prize.
In February 2015 we played in Munich, at a gala event of the AbendZeitung.
March, 2015 we played in Fürth, as the closing concert of the Klezmer Festival Intermezzo and had a lot of fun!
In April 2015 we got back to Munich for a few more shows among shows with the famous Bavarian group the Well family.

About us

Band members

Asaf Meller


pushing buttons and squeezing emotions from kinderlach to grandpalach. Sings and accordinates.

Nadav Rogel


the man that will make you dance and shout like a fox, is the man that sits and knoks on a small wooden box.

Jonathan Hadas


from the lower note to the highest pitch, when he starts to blow your legs will twich.

Aviram Kushnir


will make you dance, will make you sing, equipped with his ten fingers and only four strings.

Mai Choma


skilled with her bow, as the state of the art, she'll sling that arrow right into your heart.

Download our Communiqué:

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